Spa Baños de Elvira

A visit to the Spa Baths of Elvira Granada allows you to disconnect from the rest of the world, relax and connect with yourself.

Escape the crowds, in Baños de Elvira you will enjoy the intimacy you need to relax.

A paradise in the middle of the city. Baños de Elvira has been designed and designed to produce an effect of well-being and relaxation through water, a natural element with beneficial characteristics for your health.

Delve into our Spa and travel through the Arab culture thanks to the magnificent construction by one of the master craftsmen heirs of the Nazari architectural tradition: Use of vaults and use of banked arches of flared silhouette and mixtilinear to achieve a great decorative effect .

Whispers of water and aromas that evoke freshness and sweetness will accompany you during a unique experience for the senses, body and mind.