General Terms and Conditions and internal Regulations


(registered in the Registry of the Delegation of Tourism – Granada – with number H/GR/00905)


The present general contracting conditions and attached internal regulations will govern the contracting of accommodation and complementary services in Verónica Centro Granada, being the owner of the operation the company Ohana S.L, with CIF B13929567.

These general terms and conditions will be available to customers at the reception of the establishment for consultation.


Reservations can be made via Internet, telephone, email or physically at the reception desk.

The reservation must be guaranteed by some form of prepayment, either by credit card, debit card, bank deposit and/or wire transfer. It will be understood as completed and guaranteed when Veronica Centro confirms it in writing (WhatsApp or email). Any reservation that has not contacted us at least 24 hours prior to arrival may be cancelled.

The holder of the reservation shall be responsible for the compliance of the obligations of the persons accompanying him/her.


The reservation made may be modified more than 48 hours prior to the date of arrival at the establishment, always indicating the details of your reservation. We do not accept the reduction of the stay with less than 48 hours prior to arrival or once the client has been accommodated, for which 100% of the reservation will be charged. Confirmation of the modification will depend on availability at the time of the request and must be communicated by Verónica centro


The reservation made may be cancelled free of charge provided that the cancellation request is made at least 48 hours prior to the date of arrival at Verónica Centro.

The request for cancellation of the reservation will be made by the same means by which it was made. If it was made through an Internet portal, it must be cancelled on said portal. If the reservation was made by WhatsApp, the cancellation will be made by WhatsApp and if the reservation was made by telephone or e-mail, it must be cancelled by means of a written communication addressed to: indicating the reservation data.

In case of cancellation of a reservation less than 48 hours prior to the date of arrival at Veronica Centro, the first night will be charged. In case of no-show, the client loses the amount paid on account and 100% of the reservation will be charged.

Bank charges generated by cancellations of reservations will be charged to the client.

In the event that Veronica Centro communicates the cancellation of the reservation for reasons of force majeure, meaning those circumstances beyond the control of the person who invokes them, abnormal and unforeseeable, whose consequences could not have been avoided despite having acted with due diligence, the reservation will be canceled without the right to claim or compensation by the customer, except for the refund of the amount paid on account.

To prevent misuse of the reservation system and to avoid false reservations, Veronica Centro reserves the right to cancel a reservation in the following cases: invalid credit card or if it is not possible to contact the client by any of the means provided (email, telephone, etc.).

If due to circumstances beyond the client’s control, Veronica Centro fails to comply with the obligation to have the contracted rooms available, despite having contacted them days before arrival, it is obliged to provide accommodation in establishments of equal or higher official category and characteristics, being at its expense the price differences, and other charges that the lack of the contracted service may entail to the customer.


The stay in the accommodation will be from 2:00 p.m. on the day of check-in until 12:00 p.m. on the day of check-out.

In case of discrepancy between the Internal Regulations and the Check-in document, the former will be valid, since this is the time that has been communicated to wholesalers and travel agencies to inform their clients, as well as directly from Veronica Centro in direct reservations.

The duration of the stay will be fixed in writing in the reservation.

The client may use the reserved room only for the period of time agreed upon in writing, use outside this period will require express authorization and may be subject to a surcharge.

In special seasons, such as local holidays or singular events, Veronica Centro may offer or require the joint hiring of more than one day of stay.


Room availability, according to international custom, is from 1:00 p.m. onwards. of the day of arrival. Keep this in mind if you expect to arrive before that time.

The reservation will be guaranteed until 20:00 hours on the day of arrival (normal closing time of reception), so, in the event that the user expects to arrive at Veronica Center at times other than those outlined above should communicate as far in advance as possible, or at the time of booking, this circumstance, so that Veronica Center staff is waiting for your arrival. If the arrival is after 8:00 p.m. and Veronica Centro has not been informed of this situation, Veronica Centro may consider the client as a “No Show” and apply the corresponding penalties and charges.

Visitors of clients will not be allowed to stay overnight, unless they register and pay the corresponding supplement. If this is not done and the visitor will stay overnight, Veronica center reserves the right to charge a supplement.


No-show” or “no-show” means the non-presentation of the client at the hotel on the day the stay is due to begin and within the reception hours, and without prior cancellation. The reservation will only be kept until 8:00 p.m. and will be cancelled if the client has not been heard from, and the client will be obliged to pay 100% of the reservation.

8ª. EXIT

The customer must vacate the room by 12:00 noon on the day of departure at the latest. If you stay longer, you will be charged for an additional day, giving a reasonable margin of 30 minutes and prior notice.

If the client arrives early in the morning and occupies his apartment immediately, this would count as his first night. In case of not leaving the apartment at the disposal of Veronica Centro, you may take the necessary actions to make the apartment free and available to Veronica Centro.


The prices of each one of the services, are the valid prices that Veronica Center has at the moment of the provision of the same ones. All prices include the value added tax (VAT) currently in force. If the period of time between the confirmation of the reservation and the first service is more than 120 days, Veronica center will have the right to increase the prices, communicating it to the client with enough time in advance for the client to decide whether to accept it or not.


The client is obliged to pay for all booked services either in cash or by Visa or Mastercard credit/debit card (all other cards are excluded). During the check-in process, the client must present a valid credit/debit card as a guarantee of payment, or else pay the total amount of the stay.

For stays of more than four days, full payment will be made on the third day of stay.


Veronica Centro reserves the right to charge the first night of the stay in advance, as a deposit for the reservation of an apartment. At the time of check-out, the amount charged will be considered as payment on account and will be subtracted from the total amount of the stay. If a cancellation occurs, follow the steps specified above in point Nº4, “Cancellation of the Reservation”.


Pay the price of the contracted services, without the presentation of a complaint or claim exempting you from such obligation.

Comply with the specific rules of these Internal Regulations, the contents of which are included in the general conditions of the reservation.

To observe the rules of hygiene, education and good manners towards the rest of the users, personnel, facilities and furniture of the hotel establishment.

From 10:00 p.m. onwards, the acoustic volume should be moderated. Silence must be observed in the rooms at night, as well as in the corridors and stairways.

Between 2:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m., the minimum noise possible must be guaranteed, and from midnight until 8:00 a.m., silence will be absolute.

Any disturbing action, of any kind, for the rest of the users must be avoided. Guests staying in other rooms and Veronica centro staff working at the center must also be respected.

It is forbidden to hold celebrations or parties in Veronica Center without the permission of the management, as well as the playing of music at a volume that can be heard from another room in the building.

It is the obligation of the guests to inform the administration of Veronica Centro of illnesses or contagious diseases, deaths, infractions or crimes that occur in the establishment and are known to them, so that the company can in turn, take appropriate measures and report immediately to the authorities when appropriate.

Towels: it is strictly forbidden (without exception) to remove towels from the rooms.

If the client brings his own high consumption electrical equipment (cell phone chargers, laptops or hairdryers are not high consumption), prior to connection to the mains, authorization from the management of Verónica Centro is required. The rectification of faults and defects caused by the connection in the technical equipment of Veronica center will be invoiced at the customer’s expense.

Room availability is restricted to lodging purposes only.

Customers are not allowed to hammer nails or hang pictures and objects on the walls, light fires or have substances that, due to their stench or easy decomposition, disturb other users of the establishment.

It is forbidden to obstruct the aisles, stairway landings and corridors with packages or other annoying or unsightly objects (luggage, baby carriages, bicycles, skis, etc.).

The client must make a moderate and rational use of supplies (water and electricity), removing and taking with him the key of the apartment every time he goes out. Housekeeping or room service will remove forgotten keys and turn off any items that have been left running (TV, radio, appliances, air conditioning, heating, etc.).


The cleaning of the apartments will be done in the morning, from 09.00 am to 13.30 pm.

If the room is not minimally tidy, the cleaners reserve the right not to clean it, as they will avoid touching the personal belongings of the clients.

Guests who do not make their rooms available during these hours will not be provided with room service (cleaning, change of sheets and/or towels, removal of garbage, etc.) and will not be entitled to any compensation.


Smoking is prohibited in the room and in the common areas. The illegal use of toxic drugs, narcotics or psychotropic substances is also prohibited. This infraction shall be immediately reported to the Security Forces and Corps.

Veronica Centro reserves the right to charge an extra amount of up to 400 euros on the bill of any guest who smokes inside their room or who brings animals of any kind into the building (whether they stay overnight or not). Every room has a smoke detection system installed for this and other effects.

When a room is improperly used, meaning the use of tobacco (with the consequent odor), the use of food and beverages (with the corresponding stains), the introduction of animals and/or anything that involves dirt or odor that exceeds that caused by the normal use of a hotel room, Veronica Centro reserves the right to charge the estimated amount corresponding to the cost of cleaning curtains and bed linen, as well as the thorough cleaning that must be performed as a result of improper use. Veronica Centro does NOT allow pets.


In case of damage or soiling of the building or furnishings, as well as loss of keys, the reservation holder pays for the damage caused (this applies in particular to accompanying persons, group leaders and organizers). Payments of this type are made immediately and in cash (in the case of groups, it is the person in charge or reservation holder, if applicable, representing the organizer, who must advance the amount). Theft, robbery or intentional damage will be reported immediately to the police. It is forbidden to perform any act that causes damage or harm to the apartments or other guests, or is contrary to decorum or social behavior.

Keys: one or two keys are provided to each client. As they are magnetic keys, it is recommended to keep them away from electronic devices, as they could stop working. When the client checks-out, he/she must return the keys given to him/her, without exception. In case of loss, theft or misplacement of keys, Veronica Centro reserves the right to charge a fee of 10 euros per room key.

At the time of departure, Veronica Centro’s staff will check the apartments. The cost of replacing any damage, theft or loss of keys will be charged in cash at the time of departure or subsequently to the credit/debit card used to guarantee the reservation and payment.

Veronica Centro reserves the right to require clients (groups), if deemed necessary, a deposit of at least 200 €. When required, it must be paid during check-in and in cash. The deposit will be returned in cash at the time of departure, that is, if applicable, after deduction of any possible damages.

Veronica Centro is responsible for damages caused to customers, only in case of having acted with recklessness. Veronica Centro does not assume any legal responsibility for luggage deposited in an apartment or automobiles parked in the parking lot that Veronica Centro has an agreement with.


The client must leave his valuables out of the reach of persons other than the occupants of the room. If you have any valuables, please deposit them in the safe at the front desk. Veronica Centro is not responsible for any valuables that customers may have.
is limited only to objects and materials brought by persons contractually authorized by Veronica Centro personnel and when entry to the room has been by use of force. Veronica Centro is not responsible for damages caused by unauthorized third parties (e.g. theft, robbery) or damages caused by force majeure. The customer must provide evidence to justify the amount of damages.


  • Keep your bedroom door closed when you are in your room. When you leave, check that you have closed it properly.
  • An emergency telephone number will be made available to guests in case the reception desk is closed and no apartment staff is available. This number will be visible at reception and at the main entrance of the building.
  • If you wish to have your room cleaned, hang the “please clean room” sign on the outside of the room door. If you do not wish to be disturbed, hang up the relevant notice.
  • If you discover any type of anomaly or deterioration, please contact the reception desk.
  • In the event that you have any doubts or questions regarding the operation of our establishment, you may contact the reception staff.
  • Our establishment offers excursions or services by companies other than the operator, for which it is not responsible.


Veronica Centro guarantees the quality of the services to be provided and is responsible for all claims that may arise as a result of proven deficiencies in its services obliged according to its official category.

Faults or defects in the facilities, which are not included in the category of the establishment made available to the client will be remedied by Veronica Centro whenever possible. In this context, the customer may not file a complaint.


Objects left in the room by the contracting party or the client will be sent to them only upon request and at the client’s own risk.
Veronica Centro will keep such objects for 6 months from the date of departure and, after that time without being claimed by the customer, it is understood that the customer does not give them sufficient value (economic or sentimental), so they will become property of Veronica Centro and may be destroyed.


Veronica Centro has complaint forms available to customers. In accordance with current regulations, claims may only be submitted after payment for services.


The offers will be valid only during the period set by Veronica Centro in advertising, or otherwise, during the time they are accessible to customers for their effective recruitment.


Verónica Centro reserves the right to admit occasional visitors and, unless expressly authorized by the client, under no circumstances will they be allowed access to the apartments. In case of non-compliance, the management reserves the right to order the immediate departure of the visitor.


  1. DATA PROTECTION. Verónica Centro, specifically with the Organic Law 15/1999, of Personal Data Protection, and development regulations. Verónica Centro will treat the data of its customers in an automated way and guarantees that the files where the information is contained, if any, are its full responsibility and will be duly declared in the General Register of the Data Protection Agency. The client of Verónica Centro may exercise his right of access, rectification, cancellation or opposition by writing to the person responsible for data processing and owner of the files held by Verónica Centro.
  2. SERVICES AND RESERVATIONS. By filling in the form of services and reservations, each holder authorizes Verónica Centro to use and process automatically the personal data provided in order to proceed with the reservation requested to Verónica Centro.
  3. CONFIDENTIALITY. Veronica Centro guarantees the confidentiality of the personal data of its users, as well as to use the security measures established in the Spanish regulations on data protection in relation to third parties, although it will disclose to the competent Public Authorities the personal data in its possession if required by the Authority in accordance with the legislation in force. In any case, data subjects have the right of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition, as well as the right to revoke their consent to the processing and transfer of their data, as provided by Law 15/1999, of December 13, 1999, on the Protection of Personal Data.


The contracting parties expressly and voluntarily submit to the Jurisdiction and Courts of Granada for the resolution of conflicts arising from the interpretation and application of this contract. The applicable legislation will be the Spanish and Andalusian tourism legislation.